Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I use vinegar?

A: Labeled on the back of our packaging you will see a warning not to use vinegar for the following reasons: Vinegar should not be used because it will eat away at the metal causing the handle and any metal parts to rust. If you do rinse it well, it will last longer without rusting, but will still not be included in the warranty if the mop rusts. Deterioration of the sponge can also be a result of the use of any acid based cleaners. Try to avoid using any acid based cleaning agents.

Q: How do I keep my Quickie cleaning tools in top notch shape?

A: Always rinse wet and sponge mop heads well after use, using warm water. Be sure to dry handle when done. Always use available swivel hanger cap when storing. When using any type of cleaning liquid to mop the floors, always be sure to follow proper dilution instructions on liquid containers. It's always a good idea, when you are done using any of our dust mops, to gently shake the dust out before storing. This keeps the mop clean and ready for the next use.

Q: How often should mop heads be changed?

A: Change mop head every 1-2 months depending on daily/weekly usage.